Prepare to be moved, while watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

I have been off my anime high for quite some time now, and those of you who do read my blog from time to time, may remember a post I made of an anime titled Pandora Hearts a few months ago. If you don't remember this one then by all means have a look at this post here, as I do think it's an anime worth watching.

I've recently started watching anime again and I have to say the show I picked up on has been one of the best anime choices since me watching Cowboy Bebop!
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 gives us the story involving the possibility of an earthquake of magnitude 7 or greater striking the Tokyo area. The story revolves around Mirai, a middle school freshman girl who goes to Tokyo's artificial Odaiba Island for a robot exhibition with her brother Yutaka at the start of summer vacation. As they are enjoying themselves,a sudden and powerful tremor emanates from an ocean trench, causing everything around them to crumble and the landscape of Tokyo changes in an instant. With the help of a motorcycle delivery woman named Mari who they meet on Odaiba, Mirai and Yutaka embark on a joruney to head home to their loved ones in western Tokyo, while trying to survive on the way.

The writers of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 really put a lot of thought,and conducted a great deal of research to make this anime seem as REAL as one could be. I think this is also a factor as to why I continued to watch this series. At first I thought to myself at how yet another story is set in a "post-apocalyptic Japan" The idea of a disaster based series just wasn’t winning me over, but I stuck with it and found that Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 has nothing fantasy about it. No giant Mecha trying to save and or destroy the world. It's just a raw natural earthquake that rocks Japan The emotions are as real as they could be and I actually find myself sitting here and thinking "what the hell would I do if this actually happened to me" I don't do that with most anime as most are fantasy based and I can't relate to anything on a real life level. Actually the earthquake seems quite secondary to everything else going on and the actual characters, story and development.

The familial relationships, innocence, and resentment all struck pretty deep and I’m more attached to both characters after watching the first three episodes. I think though that anyone watching could and will relate to these children, Why? because we all were like them once in our lives, and watching their journey, feeling their emotions, they all bring us back to when we were their ages. I quickly found myself relating to Mirai and her irritations towards herself, her ordinary circumstances and of course her family! I don't want to give too much away to those that haven't had the chance to watch this anime but I haven't been this emotionally into an anime in awhile and I love those moments! This is a MUST WATCH!


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is an anime that was beautifully researched, exquisitely written, and contained fine dramatic technique and splendid artwork! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to give this show a try and stick with it through all 11 episodes! Not for the weak-hearted though as this show really bares Japan's soul, and confronts the fear of what could happen in a disastrous situation. If you want a show that will have you thinking even after it's finished, where you have a hard time letting go of the characters and emotions, this anime is for you! I hope everyone enjoys and is moved by Tokyo Magnitude 8.0


Hoolan said...

This anime is great and you're right it is pretty emotional especially the the end.

Love the new site design by the way.

M-Kat said...

Yeah this ranks up there as one of my favorite anime of all time! I loved the story so much even though I cried like a baby :-p

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