My Oricon Charts pick of the week!

For those of you out there that haven't a clue as to what Oricon is...
The Oricon Charts can be described as the Japanese version of the American Billboard Charts. Oricon represents the official statistics of the singles sold in Japan. Here are my pics on this weeks charts!

So I had quite a few favorites this week,
My first pic is by YUI. She actually topped the charts at #1 with her song
It's All Too Much Here have a look,

She sings, plays the acoustic guitar, and writes her own songs. Two of her songs, "LIFE" and "Rolling Star," are featured in Bleach, a Japanese anime series, which has brought her some international attention. She released another song called "Again" and is currently used as an opening theme to the new series of Fullmetal Alchemist.

The Next song is by a group called UNICORN (ユニコーン). They are a Japanese rock band formed in 1986. The band split up in 1992 but returned in 2009 with their hit single "Wao!" The song is called 半世紀 少年 Hanseiki Shonen On the Oricon Charts they ranked #3

Next song is called Shunkashuto by HILCRHYME,
ranking number 6 on the charts! This is my first time listening to this artist. I had no idea who HILCRHYME was, but after hearing this song, I'm going to find more music! Ahh making rap sound more relaxing! ^^

One of my all time favorite groups dropped to # 8 on the charts, but I'm still loving this song!! Yell by Ikimonogakari !!! I love her voice and well.. just listen for yourself.

ikimono-gakari (いきものがかり) is a Japanese rock band.The band was formed in Kanagawa Prefecture in February 1999 by Hotaka Yamashita and Yoshiki Mizuno, and was later joined by lead vocalist Kiyoe Yoshioka in December the same year.

Number 11 on the charts goes to the song Endless Road by DEEP....although wait.. aren't they the same guys from the group COLORS? Turns out they changed their name to DEEP,maybe a new direction but this songs sounds like their previous stuff.. anyway I liked it so here you are!

Fuyu Love by Juliet made it to # 13 on the charts. I'm not thrilled with this one, but I found myself humming it later after listening. That has to mean something right? ^^
Well personally, I find this song much better than their first single called Natsu Love

Another favorite artist of mine is Jun Shibata. Her new song is called Love Letter, and this week it was at #14. I couldn't find a full video of her song but here is just a clip. I'll post a better one once I either post one myself or find another!

For those that are into Visual Kei bands. (I will admit I have a few songs on my ipod that I jam to ^^) My next song is called Chimes by the group Megamasso. This song is #16 on the charts.

Megamasso (メガマソ) is an indies Visual-Kei band, started by Ryouhei the former leader and guitarist of Ayabie. They have a fun filled experimental sound that mixes a lot of punk and upbeat poprock songs.

Ok my las vid is one that was on the charts for a bit, but this week it's at #24
Candy Girl by Mika Nakashima. I think I like it because it doesn't sound like her type of songs, in my opinion. Anyway when I first picked up her single, I was instantly drawn to this song. I really like this style. Keep surprising me Mika!

Actually I lied.. I have another vid that I really liked.
Kimi No Shiranai Monogatari by Supercell. This song is the ending to the anime
Bakemonogatari I haven't seen it but maybe I'll check it out. Plus, I think both the song and PV are very sweet!

Supercell consists of ryo (composer/arranger) and nagi (vocalist).

ALRIGHT! I'm finished with my pics for this week. Hope you enjoy the selection
and if you want anymore information about any of the artists in this post, please feel free to leave me a comment! ^^


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