[EVENT ALERT] The New York Botanical Garden Presents: Kiku in the Japanese Autumn Garden

picture from the The New York Botanical Garden

Now, I've never actually been to the The New York Botanical Garden, but now is the perfect time seeing how the nice weather has resurfaced for awhile. The Botanical Garden is also holding a wonderful fall treat...Kiku in the Japanese Autumn Garden

Another huge reason to go and see this Japanese Garden while the weather is nice, is that this will be the third and final year of the Botanical Garden’s presentation of kiku which is Japanese for chrysanthemum! Kiku in the Japanese Autum Garden will run from October 17th through November 15th.

To give you an idea of what this event is all about, PLEASE take a look at the following video that takes you through Kiku in the Japanese Autum Garden

So not only is there the gardens to tour, but you also can attend various classes about gardening as well as the tradition of Japanese Garden plants. There will also be entertainment performances to watch as well. I'm not going to miss this event and well, if you are in the NY area you should make a plan to attend yourself!

For a more in depth look at the garden and ticket information, PLEASE visit the The New York Botanical Garden website found HERE

See you at the gardens!


Jamaipanese said...

Not really a flower person but wish I could go as it involves Japan and I could practice up on my photography. Looks like a good event.

Anonymous said...

Hiroshi Tracy from Yokohama,Japan.

Japanese Autumn is very beautiful.

Many KIKU festival are seen in every city.

Do you know "KIKU NINGYOU".


How do you like?

KIKU NINGYOU should be displayed in New York.

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