If you remember just a few weeks ago there was a large multi-blog contest going on withing the Japan Blogging community where several bloggers were giving away one superpass monthly membership! Well I am here to announce that my own contest is over and I would like to announce the winner...

Just as a reminder, Edufire is a website where users from all over the world can log on and take part in live learning of any subject they so desire! For this contest, the idea was to post your favorite Japanese word and then use it in a sentence. I would then look over all entries and pick the winner. The winner would then receive a 1 month subscription to SuperPass on eduFire

I'll keep this short but overall there were 6 entries to the site. (Not bad for my first contest though :-p ) The one I liked the most was from .....

and her favorite word was あたたかい which means warm. Her sentence was, :


I like this word as well, I remembered a time when a friend of mine and I were trying to do some tongue twisters with this word. But more importantly, I like this word because I too want a somewhat warm winter.. nothing HOT. I totally understand you Sarah. I'm from Ohio and winters there are HORRID!!

Well congrats to you Sarah, and for those that did not win. FEAR NOT, head on over to edufire and sort through some of the classes. They do have some beginner Japanese classes that are free and if you like them by all means enjoy and maybe check out some of the other classes that aren't free!

Also I'm thinking of doing another contest to give away some Japanese music, so stay tuned to hear more on that! :-)


Brett said...

Hey congratulations Sarah, オーストラリアの夏は非常に暑いので、ひとつの暖かい夏が欲しい。

Aussie summers are terribly hot, just once I'd like a warm summer.

Here are a bunch of upcoming Japanese classes on eduFire.

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