Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete and....Final Fantasy VII OVA?

So has anyone been to the official Final Fantasy XIII website? Well if you haven't I suggest you go there now!!!!!!! I know I can't wait to get my hands on this game, and hearing news that the US release will be pushed back yet again I can't help but want to contact one of my friends in Japan and send them money and a note asking them to get me the Japanese game so I can play it. (Oh yeah It's a serious thought!) ^^

Oh.. right back to the FFXIII site... It's pretty much your first source for new information and trailers as well as character profiles. They keep updating as the days get closer to some sort of release I'm guessing.

Well anyway I was browsing the site and found in the lower righthand corner a link to the official page for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. WHAT?!?! THEY ARE RELEASING THE MOVIE AGAIN?!?!? Well yes.. but this time it's a director's cut!!

A tralier of the film was shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2006, and will be for release on Blu-Ray. New scenes will be added to the film as well as ....YESSSS.... a playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII....AND.....will include the first HD trailers of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, making them the first released HD trailers of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series.

In addition, Square Enix just announced that the bundle will also include the an original anime titled, Final Fantasy VII:On the Way to a Smile-Episode: Denzel.
Now those of you who remember when FFAC was getting ready to come out, the official site posted a side story concerning the character of Denzel. I Imagine that this anime will be the animated version of the story that was posted on the FFAC official site. Animation studios A-1 Pictures, and BeStack. are the ones in charge of making this anime.


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