JERO in the US?!

Kyodo News reports that Jero will be giving a performance in Washington, D.C.:

Popular African-American “enka” singer Jero will belt out his soulful tunes at the opening ceremony March 28 of the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival, according to the Japanese Embassy here.
Jero, 27, is scheduled to sing two of his songs that have become major hits in Japan, probably including “Umiyuki” (Ocean Snow), about a heartbroken woman and her unrequited love.

More details can be found at the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s official site.
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Ok for those of you who don' know who JERO is let me inform you because I think that ANY African-American that can move to another country and enter into a traditional style genera of song with wide and continued success AS WELL, as being called the “first black enka singer in history:” by the press is a powerful and lucky person in my mind.

Jerome Charles White, Jr. Who has Japanese in his blood was exposed to the traditional Japanese music by his Japanese Grandmother. He graduated college and then went to Japan where he became runner up in a Karaoke contest and was then scouted and given a recording deal! How lucky is that?!?

JERO's first single Umiyuki 海雪 was released in Japan on February 20, 2008
and was #4 on the Oricon charts *credit Wikepedia*

He has two albums out so far:
Covers(カバーズ) (2008)
Yakusoku(約束) (2.25.2009)

I am so excited for this JERO I hope he continues to have great successus with enka.
I know his grandmother would be proud to know he made it!! ^_^

Here are some vids that I liked on JERO, one of them being his new single

mata ne~


This is a really good interview CNN did on JERO
I have to say as well that watching him sing and
hearing his story really inspires me to continue my study, not just in Japanese but in
other languages as well( but you know my main gold is to get that Japanese down! ^^)


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