Life in Japan: Dinner

So I was backing up files on my computer and decided to go through some old CD's I made awhile back. Lucky for me I was able to find my CD with picures and movies I took while in Japan.
Let me share with you guys one video I took while my class and I were waiting fo our dinner to be served. I'm not sure where we were exactly. I think this was when we went to Nara for the night but not sure ^^;. Anyway this couple was CHO 速い (fast) making our dinner.. and the best part was that IT TASTED AMAZING!!!!

One of the best things about Japan was and still is the food. I didn't have any trouble adjusting to the type of foods the Japanese eat. To be honest I have been exposed to Japanese food before through friends so this was to be expected but of course being Japan the food was 100% better that what Ive had in the States.

gomen for all the talking we were so very hungry!!!
I can't wait to get back to Japan.


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