What's this blogging thing all about? :pt. 1

One day I was simply sitting on my bed , laptop on a pillow and fingers typing away. In a chat talking with friends about random things. I normally have about 8 or 9 tabs open in Firefox browsing various sites such as gmail, Mixi, Facebook , and of course youtube. What browsing though I came across a blog that I found I really enjoyed which was Danny Choo.com..

I found myself amazed with the layout and his content, so many pictures of his life in Japan. I wanted that right away.. you know.. to live in japan and be able to share my adventures and everyday doings with others. This got me thinking to start my own blog. YES! OK THAT'S WHAT I WILL DO. Of course it's easy to picture it out in ones head but actually getting it out of the mind and into the net is something totally different.

I'm not sure if any others of you out there shared the same feelings, frustrations, and experiences that I have with trying to make a blog, but my first thought was .."ok where do I start?"

Some of the many questions that follow were:

~WHAT do I Blog about?
~Which site should I blog?
~Why would anyone want to read about my life?
~How do I get more people to read my blog?
~Well ok, do I do written blogging or video blogs?
~How do I design it?

that was my main question though and to try to find answers I really had to think about why I wanted o blog int he first place?

~Everyone is doing it?
~well if so and s is doing it.. it cant be that hard
~pass time
~seems like something fun
~why not?

Ok so the first answer was the one that I think most people have or at leas some do? (>_<) I wanted to blog because it was becoming more and more popular, but the more blogs I found on the net the more I realized why I wanted to blog. Honestly , my answers keep changing as I continue this blogging journey , but one thing is for sure that I want to share my interests with others! I've found and bookmarked so many blogs that my bookmark folder could pop! I found that each one may have similar themes but it is the person writing it that makes each blog different.

I then began to think about what makes me unique and mostly what do I enjoy. I;ve found that I really enjoy Japan and culture so then.. WHY NOT BLOG ABOUT JAPAN?
Yes yes.. there are so many other blogs out there with the topic of Japan so why join the masses? Well it's really simple. I LIKE JAPAN!!!!

I was so surprised with the large community of Japan Bloggers on the net, and it is my goal to join then with my blog. I'm no expert blogger but I do have drive and excitement about blogging and learning as much as I can. Granted my idea set up would be for me to Blog in Japan but I've found that you don't have to be in Japan to still enjoy blogging and have others enjoy your blog. It really just takes creativity and passion, which could apply to just about every and anything you do in life.

I'm still working on this Blogging thing figuring out what it;s really all about... and any comments and tips are always accepted^_^ I have more thoughts on this but think this topic is best delt with in various posts! until then.. Mata ne~


Jamaipanese said...

welcome to the world of blogging. I have been enjoying it for over 3 years now and I wish you all the best.

My advice to you is to try not to get overly excited and give yourself time to develop. Visit, read and comment on as many Japan related blogs as you can as well as blogs about blogging like probogger and daily blog tips. Over time you will know if blogging is for you and it will be fun!

M-Kat said...

Thanks! I agree with your tips on commenting. I visit a dozen blogs a day it seems, not commenting on all, but I just keep finding more and more interesting blogs that inspire me to write and work on my own. I will have to visit problogger though ;-) Thanks for that!

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