Summer is here, that means SUMMER JDRAMAS!

Well the NY Asian Film Festival, is coming to a close.. did any of you get to see any of the movies? As predicted, I didn't get to see too many this year due to work, but not all is lost. If you use Keyhole TV (which lets you watch live Japanese TV), stream Jdramas, or torrent them, then I'm sure you all are getting ready for the 2009 Summer Dramas!

Some of the Dramas that will be continuing on are ..
Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 4
Keishicho Sosa Ikka 9 Gakari Season 4
Shin Kasouken no Onna New Season 4
Limit: Keiji no Genba Season 2

Some of the New Dramas that will be starting include,

Maid Deka (Maid Detective)

Orthros no Inu

One man that the power to heal and the other that the power to kill with one touch. What happends when they meet?

This one is about a popular high schoole boy. Masamune Asuka, is a sweets loving and shojo manga reading, top kendo fighter in the nation,High School kid. He is also skilled in sewing and cooking. He becomes instantly head over heels for a transfer student named Miyakozuka Ryo. Now he has to keep up his tough guy, cool image.

Karei naru Spy

This seems like a good spy comady about a convicted swindler turned spy against terrorists.

Ninkyo Helper

A story of Yakuza bosses working as nurses? Humm could be interesting!

MW Dai-0-sho(The Devil’s Game)

I'm actually interested in this one even though the story isn't taken from the manga.Takashi Morioka,is forced to stain his hands in evil, after losing his job and home due to the recession! He has to outwit Yuki Michio while protecting everything that is important to Morioka.

Buzzer Beater

About a salaryman who belongs to his company’s basketball team, and falls in love with a girl who is a bit shy (een though he has a girlfriend already)

Not a complete list if summer dramas but just the ones I saw and will take a look at. I'm still trying to finish dramas from last season >_<


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