Happy 4th of July!!!

Well I can honestly say this is the first year where I haven't been able to see fireworks for the 4th of July. Everyone, that's normally here working with me during the week, has the day off except myself (working from 3pm-11pm) and I am currently sitting in an empty office/floor with a slice of apple pie...

Well my friend doramimy from Twitter informed me of an invention that will allow you to have your own privet fireworks show. Yes! right in your room without worry of catching someone on fire or burning your house down! Have a look at this video!

It's not much in the video, but isn't that pretty neat. I could use one of those machines right about now.

I hope everyone is haveing a great 4th though. The weather here in NYC has been quite pleasing today and looks like good weather will remain for the rest of the week!.. Yaya for Summer!


Jamaipanese said...

hopeing you enjoyed the day :D

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