Oh for the love of RAMEN!!!!!

Everyone has that one "thing" well not really thing but more like that one "food" that they know they can eat over and over. For a long time I've thought I had it but then I would try something new and THAT would be my "it" food, but maybe.. just MAYBE, I think I got it.. for real this time! (well at least it will last me for awhile) it's RAMEN!!!!! I'm positively in love with the dish..

And I'm not talking about the "I'm so broke and in college and so broke that I can only eat instant ramen even though I want some fried chicken or a burger" ramen.. I'm talking about the wonderful, infatuating, legit in a huge bowl, ramen that makes you drool just thinking about it. I haven't had that type of ramen since returning from Japan way back, and you know one can only survive on the instant stuff for so long.

THIS is why I love NYC though. There are a lot of Japanese living here and a TON of good restaurants to eat at.. YES YES OH YES, this includes RAMEN as well and for right now I have found my favorite place to eat ramen.

If you live in NYC or are planning a trip here may I highly suggest taking a stroll to the east village, and go to the ramen shop called, Terakawa Ramen Terakawa ramen features a pork-bone-based noodle soup with roast pork, boiled egg and vegetables,*insert drool here* while the pork miso ramen comes mixed in a soy bean broth.*Keep drooling*
IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH!!!! They also have a great $12 combo special(Which is what I normally get) of ramen with a choice of Pork gyoza, fried rice or curry on the side.
SO for when you get to NYC (or if you are here and you want some good ramen)
here is what you need to know..

Terakawa Ramen
18 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY 10010



Jamaipanese said...

this looks delicious!

it doesn't help that I am reading this around luch time!

Michael Flux said...

Arh! And this is why I hate Detroit. There is *nothing* here. I mean the closest Asian-ish restaurant is like half an hour away from me! Boo!

M-Kat said...

Jamaipanese- Haha I know I haven't had lunch either and looking at this is making me hungry as well.

Michael Flux- This is exactly How I felt when I was living in in Ohio. There was NOTHING out there and I only ethnic Asian food I could get would be something home made from my Korean and Japanese friends.

Anonymous said...

I love ramen noodles. Check out this blog: gogonoodles.com.
It's all about noodles, yumm...

ujm said...


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