I scream you scream,some of us scream "HEY I WANNA LEARN JAPANESE" OH and did you know there is a contest going on..

YES INDEED! That's what I wrote! If you haven't heard.... which I'm pretty sure you haven't because I know you guys live under rocks (or was that just me :-p ) Fellow Japan Enthusiast, Jamaipanese is giving away a cool new tool to help you begin your journey into Japanese. Or, if you are already studying, or have some background in the language, this tool is sure to help you and keep track of what you know and don't know when it comes to Japanese.

From Sunday July 12th 2009 to midnight (EST) on Saturday the 25th of July 2009, Jamaipanese.com is holding a contest to give away copies of the Japanese educational tool called NihongoUp. Now I've been seeing the name "nihongoup" all over the web. Various blogs have been reporting, and reviewing this product, and so now, after seeing the info posted over onJamaipanese.comI finally saw what the hype was all about! Take a look at the picture below and please visit their site (Link is above). I'm sure you will find that nihongoup is a pretty awesome tool.I mean it's filled with Hiragana, Katakana, JLPT Kanji and Particles exercises which I know I really need to review. I would love to get my hands on a free copy, as I have already downloaded the free trial and have enjoyed myself with the practice.

In my case I've had some Japanese background so I would use this more to brush up since I have been away from studies due to work/move/more work/work.. and I find myself slipping and forgetting quite a bit (T_T). If you are also interested in winning a copy of this amazing program for yourself, please visit Jamaipanese.com to find out how to enter. There are various ways so get creative. While your there, do take a look at the site, He has a pretty interesting view on Japan and good articles to read! So with that GOOD LUCK TO ALL and.. "I WANNA LEARN JAPANESE WITH NIHONGOUP PLEASE!" ^_^


Jamaipanese said...

Great entry Mary!

I really hope you win!

Look out for the awinners nnouncement post in a week and a half

seifip said...

Contest results posted! Are you a winner? Check 'em out at http://www.jamaipanese.com/nihongoup-contest-results/

Tibul said...

Must say nihongoup looks interesting shame I missed the competition, will probably give the trial a go though.

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