This is the video for the WONDER GIRLS new ENGLSH single of their KOREAN hit called Nobody.
I was eager to hear what the groups English would sound like, because I feel it is important if they want to make it in the US charts. I've seen them in interviews and it wasn't very good, but take a look at the video and I will share with you my thoughts.

Ok Lets get down to business...

1. This is the first Korean to English song that I wasn't sitting here trying to figure out what in the hell they were saying. (Unlike Rain, and BoA) HUGE Props to their speech coaches!

2. I like how the JYP uses the Michael Jackson move in the beginning. The same move I liked in that other Kpop vid of Super Junior's Sorry sorry sorry (go to around 0:44) with 11 of them doing it at once.

3. Why does JYP look so mean!? Is it alright if I say he looks yuckie and I fear he would bite my arm off? ...

4. Do they seem darker? I thought they were doing a "Beyonce" for bit in the video. You know, where you can't tell if they wanted to be one color or not to appeal to many audiences. hmm Probably not, since its just a dubbed vid.

5. So as for the video itself, I think it was okay. ONLY okay. It reminded me of a 1950's dubbed movie... in full color. Again, Their speech coaches deserve awards!


Michael Flux said...


Well, ok, this I was not expecting, and after listening to it, holy crap this is awesome! I seriously love this :D

M-Kat said...

I must say I am a bit surprised haha but glad you like it! When the Korean version came out, I really liked it. They had the same video n everything! For a US single, the English is pretty good; and that's the biggie for me.

Jamaipanese said...

listening now, wow, this is catchy

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