Who out there is a big Yoko Kanno fan?
If you are not sure who she is well then let me inform you!
Yoko Kanno is a famous composer, arranger and musician, responsiable for the music you heard in the anime COWBOY BEBOP as well as Macross Plus,Vision of Escaflowne,Cardcaptor Sakura,and many many others. She will be in concert with her group, THE SEATBELTS, in Japan!

Ok so some of you might be wondering who is steve conte
Have you heard this song from Wolf's rain?

Or even this song from COWBOY BEBOP

Well Steve is also a member and the lead singer of the band The Contes along with his brother John Conte. I had the chance to see them preform live, a few years back at the Ohio anime convention called Ohayocon. He was the only reason I went that year and my friends and I ended up being in the front for his concert. He noticed us taking pictures and later on in an anime voice panal, My friend and I ad the chance to meet Steve and his brother. Steve was very nice and even remembered seeing us taking pictures. He asked to see the pictures and then use them on his website. I was so thrilled.

If you love his work with Yoko Kanno,I highly recommend you listen to his original work with his brother John and their group The Contes!

Anyway if you live in Japan you are in for a real treat!

Here are the details for the big event:


Tuesday, July 07, 2009
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
JAPAN, Saitama Super Arena


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