EVENT ALERT:[NYC EVENT]Introducing New Yukata Collection by Shiorian

In modern society in Japan, people wear western style clothes more often than the Japanese traditional kimono. While a kimono tends to be considered formal and something for special occasions, yukata, cotton-made kimono for summer season, is worn on more casual occasions and more frequently. Especially in summer festivals, yukata is must-wear clothing for heightening the festive mood.

For ten days, from May 1 to 10, Kiteya introduces the new yukata collection from Shiorian, which is made by artisans in Kyoto, providing customers an opportunity to choose their favorite from untailored yukata fabric with a wide variety of patterns and order their own yukata. Shiorian produces hand-dyed cotton, which comes in various patterns from classic to modern. Each pattern is a work of art and has its own name. For example, “Kage Aki Kusa”, whose name comes from words used for Japanese traditional poems, depicts flowers flickering in the autumn breeze and their reflecting shadow. Obtaining yukata for the summer will surely make you feel closer to the Japanese culture.

During this event, Kiteya will take custom-made orders by measuring body sizes for the female and child customers. Catalogue orders are available for male customers.

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