ARTIST OF THE DAY: 三浦大知 Daichi Miura

So I am a HUGE fan of Jaoanese music. First it was only J-pop but I've grown to enjoy the whole spectrom of music from Japanese artists. My favorite will always be J-R&B...
One artist that I'm sure you never heard of (I didn't know of him until recently) is one of my fvorites when it comes to R&B and dance. His name.... 三浦大知 (Daichi Miura)


Daichi Miura was born IN Okinawa on 24th Aug 1987 and was the former lead singer of Folder - seven dance unit with two boys and five girls, from Aug 1997. Their debut single "Parachuter" was sold more than 10 million copies.

At 9, Daichi Miura was dubbed “Japan’s Smallest Soulman” thanks to his strong dancing and vocal abilities. Debut at the age of 10 and was praised by MISIA as "Japanese Michael Jackson" because of his outstanding singing ability. Puberty struck and Daichi stepped away for a bit as his voice began to change and members of Folder went on to become Folder5.

At 17 he declared a return to show business!! In January 2005, he held his fisrt live "Live Chapter-0" in Osaka and Tokyo went with his own full name "Daichi Miura".
Mar30th 2005 he debut as a solo artist with the single "Keep it goin' on" under avex trax label. This single is like a message to his fans showing his unchanging love for music and unstoppable effort to stand in this strict industry.

Primarily an R&B artist, his first album has impressed even ZEEBRA (considered to be the godfather of Japanese R&B), and his influences include Usher and Justin Timberlake. Daichi Miura is now 21 years old and has released six singles, one full length album and a live DVD. He also participated in many big live music events in Japanese and oversea like ROCK STEADY CREW 30th Anniversary Festival, Summer Sonic, a-nation...

NEW SINGLE-Delete My Memories (20 May, 2009)

YOUR LOVE feat. Kreva (My favorite from him so far)

Southern Cross - Daichi Miura


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