ARTIST OF THE DAY [Kanon Wakeshima]

She has a haunting sound with her voice, music, and astounding cello playing, and today Kanon Wakeshimais the artist of the day As a multi-talented artist, Kanon joined the Sony Music Audition as a singer. She was one of the finalists and she made a contract with DefSTAR RECORDS.

She is a true musician,who took up the cello at age 3 which led her she formed a cello duo and an ensemble group when in junior high school. At the age of 15, Wakeshima started playing the baroque cello as part classical ensembles. Her incredible talent attracted the attention of Visual-Kei star Mana (Moi dix Mois, Malice Mizer), who became the sound & visual image producer for Kanon for her debut single "still doll" (released in May 2008) from her first album. Wakeshima's rich.

This is a truly haunting sound and the cello fits perfectly to round the song out!
Wakeshima released her highly anticipated first album, Shinshoku Dolce, in February 2009. (Which I suggest you go and buy .. it's amazing!)

She has since moved on to become 2009 "Best Newcomer" Shojo Beat Music Award winner as well as beome an illustrator. Fans flocked to her November 2008 exhibition along with the mini-concert in Tokyo's fashion-conscious Harajuku, and she regularly posts her artwork on her Web site ( Samples of her music can be found on her MySpace page:

I first heard of her while watching the Anime Vampire Knight (which is VERY good so go youtube it ^^)Wakeshima's Still Doll, was the ending somg for the anime's first Season. It fit perfectly with the vampire/dark theme of the show. Wakeshima went on to recod a second song for the second season of Vampire Knight titled, Suna no Oshiro

Wakeshima Kanon - Suna no Oshiro

Wakeshima has just begun to let the world know who she is though. It has just been announced that she will make her US debut at Otakon 2009. Those of you who live in the area or who are traveling to go to the con this are really in for special treat so enjoy!


Jamaipanese said...

interesting music, I really like her sound and style

Brother Wormgear said...

Koool! She has very unique and fresh sound - I'm very interested now. I'll have to check out "Wakeshima's rich." Thanks for posting this!

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