Black Bloggers +Japan and Gospel

I love hearing stories of people in Japan.. everyone has their own reasons as to why they wanted to go and what they are doing.
More importantly for me, being a black female, I really enjoy finding other black bloggers who are living in Japan. It seems to me that their experoances are even more interesting, as the ones I've seen tend to hit on topics that really relate to the black community. Not to say I don't enjoy my other bloggers, but to be honest I don't see very many black bloggers out there.. nor do I hear of stories of black in Japan. It is something I am interested in since I want to go there myself very soon. So first and formats I mean no harm to the other bloggers out there , but it is what it i it seems :-p

One person in particular that I have been watching on the regular would be Alafia :intro2the1 (youtube name) Visit her page now at ~~~>
Alafia is in Japan teaching and decided to blog her entire experience over there.I think it's really helpful because she touches on topics I know I will have to face while living in Japan. Now everyone is different so I know the experience might not be the same for my but this gave me a feel for life in Japan, and it was just nice to listen to another black female and her passion for Japan.

I've posted on her before so I wont spend my time going over her videos, but please check out her site and her videos because they are interesting for eeryone and she seems so passionate about what she is doing!

ANOTHER person who I found randomly on yourube is Yolanda : Wildpraize (youtube name) Visite her page here
Yolanda has been in Japan on and off in the Osaka area teaching Gospel Music at Soul Bird Music School! How cool is that. I had no idea Gospel was popular. As with Alafia,Yolanda is recording her experiances at the music school and here are some videos of what she has done already!

YolandaIs doing what she loves and it shows! They sound good, and it's very unique view and experience of Japan.. mixed with religion and music Keep up the great work Yolanda!


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