Who is the Ideal Mother?

I hope everyone has gotten their mothers day gifts or if you live far from your mother, I hope you all sent out our gifts/cards in the mail.

Mothers Day is tomorrow (5/9/09) and the research division of company P-NEST surveyed more than a thousand females in junior high and high school about the holiday.

One of the questions, asked was

"Which celebrity do you think is the ideal mother?"

The #1 answer was former Morning Musume member Nozomi Tsuji. She is married and has one daughter. (Born in 2007) Tsuji had 10% of the votes in the survey, spread almost evenly across the junior high and high school students.

The top five were ranked model Tsubasa Masuwaka at #2, followed by a tie between Miki Maya and Nanako Matsushima. Hitomi Kuroki ranked 5th. The high school girls placed Kuroki at #2 and Matsushima at #3. Masuwaka and Maya tied for 4th.

WAIT.. I have more poll goodness. In American polls, mothers voted that they would rather have Jennifer Aniston to babysit their kids than Angelina Jolie. I guess the Tombe Raider star is a bit too dangerous for kids in some mothers eyes? Maybe, but the poll was created by AOL-sponsored ParentDish.com and Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi were ranked #1


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