INTERNET FIND: Joe is Japanese

My best friend actually linked me to this site awhile back but I thought I would share it with you guys seeing how I was thinking about this site recently.

The site is called Joe is and it's an up and coming anime about a guy name Joe,obviously! He is half Japanese and lives in Japan as a salary man. Because he is half he faces challenges every day and has interesting stories to share.
I first found this site back in 2007/2006 I think, and a the time I thought it was going to air online... well it's now 2009 and it says it will start sometime this year. I hope so because it looks pretty funny from the trailers. Have a look for

As you can see it isn't easy for Joe being half Japanese. This show will be base on his life and true events that Gaijin go through living in Japan. I hope this starts soo. been waiting for quite awhile now!

Go to the official site to see more for yourself


Prometheus said...

Wow this is awesome. I like the way it goes back and forth with English and Japanese. I will also be waiting for this to come out. Thanks for sharing.

Jamaipanese said...

looks very interesting

thanks for sharing

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