Dear Life: Japan (2009年04月07日)

I would like to say sory for not posting anything in the past few days.
I got a new job so I am still adjusting to having moved to a new place and going through a crazy work week. (I have to be at work at And well.. yes it's 1:31am but I just had to post a little something.

I told you all I would be posting her videos here for those that do read my blog ^^ Ilove watching these installments and keeping up to date with Alafia (intro2the1) I hope more and more people discover her video blogs as I have. Well anyway Here we go!

She will finish with this series n JULY !!! I'm hoping more black people out there start making videos as well. I love to know about their experiences abroad I know when I go I'll be blogging all the time !!!


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