Oricon Charts Week 13 woohoo

I love Japanese Music and well here are the top songs on the
Oricon Charts

Wait what's an Oricon Chart??

WHAT YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW?!?! Ok ok.. well if you don't know it's ok..
Let's just compare Japan' Oricon Charts to The US's Billboard Charts..got the idea?

If you want to see the entire list of the top 30 songs in Japan please visit
Jpopasia!! This is the most up to date site I've found with the chart listings!


1. Wild-Namie Amuro

I have always loved Namie ad this song made it to number one for the week.
I think it is deserving as I find myself dancing in my room to this. :-p

I'm not so sure about the MV though

2. Himawari-Yusuke
This song is currently #2 and it's such a fun light song!
another actor turned singer ad well it's a good first single! It's currently playing in my car ^_^

3.Setsuna - GReeeeN

I NEVER NEVERRRR have anything bad to say about GReeeeN.. I just love these guys even if we can't see what they look like. This video brought me back though to my power ranger days (YES THAT'S RIGHT I WATCHED THE SHOW) Great song funny yet touching video
The real point of the video I guess is that you have to believe in yourself. Cute father/daughter theme as well!!

4. My Sunshine - Rock'a'Trench

Every time I hear this song, I think of it being the opening for Bleach or naruto... is it? I don't watch too much anime these days so I'm ou tof the loop >_< But this is one of my favorites that is also played over and over in my car. The chorus has me jumping around my room like a kid ! When I go back to Japan I will sing this at karaoke :-p

5. Tegami ~Haikei Juugo No Kimi E~ (Chorus Ver.) - Angela Aki

Love her.. Her voice is so different to my ears when it comes to Japanese music and her piano playing is great.. I could listen to her play even if she didn't sing. This song though, Has been on the charts for awhile (it is #28 this week though)

psst.. does anyone else think she kinda resembles Tina Faye? (sp)


Now I normally dislike groups like Kat-tun .. but eh this song kind of grew on me..
Mostly because of the beat. The dancing in the video is crap I think .. It looks funny
I mean if you are going to dance act like you want to.. their moves seem half heated.
Oh well here is the video.


Well that does it for this week. Be sure to check out
Jpopasia!!for the full list of the top 30 songs!


Hao said...

I haven't been hearing much JPop, though will take a look to the top 30 songs. "My Sunshine" is great though, heard it tons of times watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji >_< *hides under desk* thanks for the share! Will hear them :)

M-Kat said...

Hi Hao! Thanks for commenting here. I have just started watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji!!! I love it actually haha I find myself quite addicted so I understand ... you don't have to hind ;-)

"My Sunshine" is such a great song though and I just knew it was to some kind of TV show :-p

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