BoA in the states

So I'm sure those of you who are into Japanese music know of the singer BoA. Granted, she is Korean but she also sings in Japanese. In fact when I first heard of her, I thought she was Japanese >_<

Well Boa released her debut English-language album, BoA on March 17, 2009.
This is just one of the many Asian artists trying to make it in the US Market.
I used to work for MTV and was on a team that created the first Korean-American channel called MTV K( It's now called MTV IGGY) This was back in 2006 though and at the time Rain was the big name and it was this singer who was doing his first concerts in NYC. I attended them one being in Times Square and the other being in Madison Square Garden. and well.. I have to say the turnout was AMAZING... One thing I noticed though.. was that I was one of two Black people in the crowds. Most of the people who went were Asian American, which leads me to my next point. These singers want to co to the states and play for an American audience, but they are mostly playing for Asian American audiences, and not getting widespread exposure to the other Americans outside of the Asian American communities.

So what do they do to try and win over other Americans?

LEARN ENGLISH!! Ok well hey do what you gotta do, but the thing is Americans are very picky when it comes to music. You may look good but if we can't understand you it may not go well. I'm not speaking for myself though as I do listen to a lot of world music , most of which I don't know what the singer is talking about but it still sounds beautiful to my ears. I'm all about the feel and beat of the song but I know most Americans outside of the Asian American circle are not like this and will be very critical of the pronunciation of words as well as the voice. So how do you think BoA will do in the US? Utada Hikaru also released an English Album and SHE IS FROM NYC yet her album flopped for the most part. (I really didn't like it at all sorry Utada,, but I still love you) When I heard she was to release a new album I was very nervous for her. I think she needed better songs and a better marketing team as no one here is used to seeing Asians sing (Not to be mean but it is true) I mean we have had Hispanic superstars but no Asians? Makes you think, "well Hispanic singers can release songs in Spanish and it can do well in the US market in all communities but why can't an Asian artist sing something in their own language( Japanese, Korean, Chinese, ect.) and it go to the top of the charts?" It's really something to think about and I have come to some conclusions about it based on my own experiences with letting others listen to Asian music that was created for American Audiences. I will go into it further but well.. let me stop ranting and get to my point.

I'm talking about Boa. Have you guys heard her English single "Eat you up?" here is the video for it. (She released both American and Asian version) I'll put both so you can see the differences and you be the judge

Exclusive Asian version

What do you think? I think her English is pretty good.. better than Se7en in his English song and much more understandable than Rain. I feel this is important for Americans when it comes to Asian artists (Although again.. I do not think this applies to myself) I've played songs for many friends and the one thing that turned them off was the pronunciation of the English in the songs.

Here is a clip of BoA's new single from her new English Album.

I like the beat and think the song is pretty good.. the video reminds me of a Britney Spears video but Oh well. I hope she does well in the states because I do think she is a good artist. Please feel free to leave your comments on this topic!

and who would you like to see make it big in the US?


Anonymous said...

I think its about time someone like BoA to make it big in the charts, Im from New Zealand Im white but I got hooked on K-POP and J-POP through a tv station that plays here called Arirang Tv. Someone like this should make it to the top because it will break the racial mold and that she sounds alot better then some of those voice enhanced singers. Someone who I'd like to see make it big in korea would be big bang and tvxq, both great bands. Good luck BoA and im sure you will do well.

M-Kat said...

I also am very fond of BoA and would like to see her do well. I've just gotten her English Album and it's nice but mostly dance. I wonder why she didn't do any other songs other than dance for her first Album. Anyway her single for the Album "I did it for Love" is really good. I hope it gets airtime as well here. It's very hard for an Asian to break into the American Music scene and I would like to see it happen as well.

Do you know of Crystal Kay? She is a Jpop singer.. I think she would do well in the states too!

Anonymous said...

I argee with you. Not everyone would be fond of the pronunciation of the words. I personally think Eat you up is a lot better because her english was pretty good but in Did It For Love was alright. I also like her Asian version of the Eat You Up better than the American version because of her dancing.

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