Dear Life part 2

Awhile aback I posted on a youtube series I found that I really could relate to being a black female. This was the Dear Life Series created by Alafia (user name -intro2the1) I love going to my youtube page and seeing updates from her. Here is one I found that puts all her haircare vids into one video!!!

Wow I cant tell you how much this question comes up in my household when I mention going to Japan. It really is the first question because hair is very important. I do well here with my hair because the products I use are readily available, but in Japan.... yeah not so much. Anyway this vid is a great help for me as I am still planning from my move to Japan. I know for the most part I will have to order a lot of the products I use in the mail..although I know that's pretty expensive so YEAH ould have to bring another bag just full of haircare products >_<

In the vid she talks about various styles that black women can have in Japan. I for one am all for bringing wigs.. I have quite a collection here in the States and would bring them. She also talks about braiding.. I have done it before in the past and I will admit having my hair braided makes it grow but I'm really not into the style much >_< Ebay Hong Kong was also mentioned for buying hair .. Now I never thought about that but it would be a good idea since shipping costs from the US are high and it would be much less shipping from HK.. wow Learning so much from this video ^_^

Alafia does live in a countryside area so I can imagine not having a lot of resources. Bigger cities would have more to offer and when I go back I wonder if I will get to live in a big city (more expensive though T_T)

I want to find more videos of blacks in Japan. I find them all so interesting and different. Everyone has their own experiences and it's very interesting to hear about them all.


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