BoA BoA BoA: plans to make a concert tour of the United States in June.

So I posted about BoA releasing an English CD..BoA's album ranked 127th in the Billboard 200 Album Charts announced on March 26. It was the first time that a Korean singer had entered the Billboard chart.

Well now in an interview with MTV IGGY (Which used to be just MTV World making up MTV Chi, MTV Desi and MTV K.. when I was working there anyway)BoA selected Miami as her favorite destination for her favorite destination for concerts.

I like New York but I really want to go to Miami. Miami looked nice in the movie, like a paradise.

This should be exciting for the Korean pop star. I hope she can break through the Asian American Community though and get noticed in a wider American Audience.

Her new album is a dance album though.. She has 11 songs including a very catchy single "I Did It For Love," and other dance tracks "Energetic," "Eat You Up," and "Look Who's Talking."

Speaking of which, I got a copy of her Times Square performance special. I was lucky enough to be there when Bi( Rain) preformed, but was unable to attend when BoA was in NYC. I just got news as well that MTV IGGY will be We are featuring ALL BoA ALL THE TIME for the next 3-DAYS! so be sure to check out MTV IGGY if you want to see BoA's live performances :-)

WOW what promotion she will have. I'll be sure to record video of it for thoes of you not in NYC ;-) Even Se7en didn't get this kind of intense treatment for his English Album.


Anonymous said...

This is NOT the first time a Korean has entered the chart. Wow, such incorrect info -_-

S.Blush, Skull, Kim Bum Soo, mink have all been on it before. Wtf is this glorifying BoA all of sudden? Sorry I think this is bullshit.

M-Kat said...

Humm they may have made the charts, but at what ranking? Do you know I would beinterested to know.

It does come down to popularity and it's a big deal because of how well she has done already in KOREA and JAPAN.

I like her music but honestly I don't think she will have as huge of a success that she hopes for. I mean not outside the Asian American community. Same with S.Blush, Skull, Kim Bum Soo, and mink. I hate that it's that way though. Would like to see an Asian artist in the top 10 rankings at least.. or top 20

Anonymous said...

Kim Bum Soo was on the 50th or so spot on the Hot 100 (he was the FIRST to be on there) like in the early 2000s.

S.Blush for Dance/Club airplay #2, mink was #1 on that same chart.

Skull was #3 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales and top 20 for Hot Single Sales in 2007.

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