1st Japan-China joint TV cartoon to be aired in China

Original post from japantoday.com

The first Japanese-Chinese joint TV cartoon, based on the Chinese historical novel “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” will be produced, and aired across China!! One of the producers is Japanese toy maker Tomy Co. It may later air in Japan as well.
The other two producers are Future Planet Co, a Tokyo-based video-content maker, and a Chinese animation company under public broadcaster China Central Television.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms’’ is a 14th-century novel depicting battles among the ancient Chinese kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu.

Speaking of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. has anyone seen the movie Red Cliff? It's also based of this story. I've een seeing ads of the DVD being released in Japan.. I think part 2? Anyway the trailer looked interesting so I think I will watch.. review to come later ^^


LEon said...

I watched Part 1 and 2 for red Cliff. Not bad actually. However the movie is not accurate in some event and character according to the novel.

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