How can you be a J-Blogger and NOT live in Japan?????

So I am new to this whole blogging gig and of course like any beginner, one would like to have a fair amount of readers and subscribers. So, I have been getting content up and letting friends (Who I know are interested in Japan) know that their friend put a blog together and that they should read it from time ti time. Well, I've mostly been joining an many other blogs as I can (and like to read) to get myself into the community here as well. So the other day I had a long time friend check out my site. I told her "Well hey it's just starting out now, but I think as I grow as a blogger it will get better" I ten looked at her with a smile expecting her to agree, but all I got was a raised brow and a shake of the head. She looked a little puzzled about my theme for the blog and proceeded to ask me "Well wait.. How can you call yourself a J-blogger, and have a blog about Japan.. when you don't even live IN Japan?" (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN!!!)

I had to pause at this before laughing because that was one of the fist thoughts I had about my blog when I started, but to me it wasn't a big deal.. why should it?

Simply put, my idea of blogging is writing about the things that interest you. Now this is only one idea though.. maybe the starting idea of blogging, because as we all know there are quite a variety of blogs out there.. different styles of writing. Some blogs present information, others just pictures, some random trivia.. but the base of it all still is the same, that whatever they write.. it's on something they enjoy.

I had to explain to my friend that I was no Japan expert.. in fact I wasn't even an Asian Studies major in College.. far from it, but I do enjoy reading about Japan and it's culture so why not write about it. It only helps me learn more about Japan as I share my information, thoughts , pictures, feelings and more with my readers (or whoever happens to stroll by my page) I have come across many blogs from people not living in Japan.. now granted a lot of these people do live in large cities that have a great Asian population (I live in Ohio right now and it's pretty much mostly white and black here in my city) Does this stop me? HELL NO! It only makes me want to write even more. I've had a ton of experience with the Japanese community be it here in the US or even when I traveled to Japan. I still have all the info and feelings I gained over time and its shaped my interest into what it is now.

I summed all that up to my friend and she nodded and told me it would still be better if I was living in Japan.. and well she is right, I would love to be living there and writing bout the crazy/amazing stuff I see from day to day, but well I do what I can with what I have.. I'm not in Japan ...yet and I am content...for now :-p

In conclusion though one does not have to live in the country they blog about for it to be interesting. Everyone has a way to their own blogging and it's HOW you blog that matters (well interesting content does help too I guess)

Anyway I'm still truckin along here and I still have much to share as well as to learn about this whole blogging thing.


Shibuya246 said...

You can be a J-Blogger anywhere you want. This is the internet. Welcome! We have lots of J-Bloggers who are not in Japan but are very knowledgeable about events. I look forward to reading your Blog.

Per-Gunnar Eriksson said...

I agree completely with Shibuya246, as long as you write what you're interested and think others might be interested about/in then you're golden, tell me if you want to write some for me aswell


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