EVENT ALERT:[NYC EVENT] ANIME! at American Museum of Natural History, April 17-18

I LOVE Japanese related events in NYC and this is one you DON'T want to miss if you are in the NYC area. The American Museum of Natural History, which is located at 79 Street And Central Park West, is having a Global Weekends program which will feature Bollywood and Anime on April 17 (Sat) and 18 (Sun). There is an entire guide to this event so I won't go into every detail but I will highlight a few key events that should get your attention!

There will be an anime film PREMIEREon April 17 (Sat) at 3:45pm at the Kaufman Theater. It will be the U.S premier of director Rintaro's film titled Yona Yona Penquin
This fantasy adventure features Coco, an adventurous little girl who is obsessed with penguins. Her eyes are soon opened to world she has never seen before.

Another film to makes it's US debut is Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers, showing April 18 (Sun) at 12:00pm at Kaufman Theater. This film is based on the hit anime TV series Eureka Seven, and is a must see for any fan of the series.


Showing on April 17 (Sat) and 18 (Sun) 1:00pm – 5:00pm at Grand Gallery,there
will be a showing of a large collection of anime trailers from exciting 2009/2010 titles by various anime distributors including Aniplex and FUNimation. A big one that will be showing will be HALO LEGENDS This series was highly anticipated, and brought together the finest talent in Japanese animation to take on one of the largest game franchises for the XBox. HALO LEGENDS explore the mystery and action of the Halo universe in Eight episodes, shedding new light and epic perspective on Halo lore.

You can count on there being videogames, and manga, toys, and figures as well to feed your need. Even a CG Anime Production!

The main draw for me at least will be the LIVE MUSICAL PERFORMANCE of the entire two day event. On April 17 (Sat) and 18 (Sun) 3:30pm at the Grand Gallerynthere will be a performance by West Coast/Tokyo based Japanese Hip Hop artist, Shing02!
This is exacting because it will be a rare performance by the artist well known for lending his vocals on the opening track “Battlecry” of the hit anime series Samurai Champloo. “Battlecry” was produced by Nujabes, who recently passed. I am curious to see Shing02's performance and hear what he has to say in regards to the late Nujabes passing. It would have been great to see both live at this event!

The Global Weekends program is a free event and seating for Shing02 is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so of course you will need to get there early to ensure you have a good view! I'll be sure to bring my camera along and record as much as I can, so look forward to a follow up post in the days to come following this event!

For full information about the BOLLYWOOD ANIME Program, please visit


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take lots of pictures and share them!

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Wish I could be in NYC for the event! - 楽しんでね!

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