My CD of the Month

Artist : capsule
Title (Album) : PLAYER
Release Date : March 03, 2010

Genre : Electronic

PLAYER is capsule's 13th ALBUM, and it's AMAZING!

I was seriously surprised when I first heard it, I didn't expect it to be this good. PLAYER turned out to be so different than capsule's usual stuff, while still keeping a few things here and there that still have Nakata's trademark.

Stay with You, is the Album's opener which was given a lift from the Japanese Drama, LIAR GAME version. I do prefer it than the LIAR GAME version although the song as a whole is just your usual Nakata stuff, nothing special. the intro which is probably what I love most about the song, is nice and it makes a good kick to the start of the album.

Player which is the second song on the album as well as the album title, is actually long and repetitive. I wouldn't say I hated this track, but I will say it wasn't my favorite.

I wish You is nice, and very chill track. I absolutely love Toshiko's vocals in this. She sounds so mature!

Hands down one the of best tracks on Capsule's PLAYER album has to be, The Music I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this song! It's perfect all around, the lyrics, the synths, the vocals it's the real deal!
You will not be able to NOT dance when you hear this song!

Factory reminds me a lot of Player, I absolutely love the production of this song, But what on earth were the vocals for.. they pretty much suck.. and really don't need to be included in this track, but again,, the actual beat/music is nice!

I was Wrong This is a SUPER SUPER low key ambient lounge song...Most will say they hate it, but me? I actually loved it. It's a nice little break in the album, and I love the vocals! Now I can say this really doesn't sound like the kind of songs capsule puts out, however it's not a bad thing. I don't care what you say,I was Wrong is pretty solid for me and def. another one of my favorites.

Can I Have A Word goes back to Nakata's usual material, but unlike Stay with You, this one stands out from the rest. The synths and beats are super addictive, and the song is very catchy.

What do you want to do is another The Music,. It's one of the heaviest tracks in the album, just like The Music. Like The Music this song has explosive beats and synths.

Hello is catchy and well, I thought it should have been at the beginning of the album.

When I first heard Love or Lies when it was released as a digital single in the LIAR GAME version. I absolutely adored it from the first listen and this last track is a nice closing to an awesome album.

Overall PLAYER turned out to be an excellent album! Nakata took his experimentation to a whole new level. Nakata really put on work into this album and the hard work shows. I'm impressed and have had this album playing on repeat on my itouch for awhile now!

Top 3 Favorite Songs
The Music
Love or Lies
I was Wrong


Anonymous said...

This is my kind of music. Thanks for the post! I'll have to get a hold of some of their CDs. I think I like the first two songs the most. I don't have much Japanese music that is like this, most of the stuff I have is from the UK.

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