Looking for a good time? Check out NYC's very own LOVE HOTEL

Met up with a fellow Japan nut the other day and we got to talking about our passions for Japan as well as how easy it is to find Japanese related events, and stores right here in the city. We then got to naming things that could ONLY be found in Japan no matter how cultural NYC may be. I named the infamous Love Hotels that can be found in various places in Japan, and to my surprise my friend proved me wrong and let me in on the location of a Love Hotel right here in NYC.

A Love Hotel can best be described, as a type of short-stay hotel found in Japan that is created and run for the purpose of allowing couples privacy to have sex.

I guess Japan's idea for a place for quick, or not so quick interludes, caught on and so if one was looking for a place to take that special,or random someone for some afternoon delight right here in New York City, they could head right on over to the LIBERTY INN. It's located all the way on the west side of the city right next to the Hudson on 10th Avenue,and markets itself as “your rendezvous for romance.”

This place has it all, A discreet yet convenient location, mirrored ceilings, padded headboards, and lobby vending machines that sells condoms for every size!

The normal rates for Liberty Inn are $180 before 11pm; $150 after 11pm; two hours, $60; three hours, $70. Hot tubs are yours for an additional $15. The website points out that all the rooms have six channels of free porn, and wide-screen TVs What more could you need!

Now I've never been to any love hotels while my two stays in Japan, so I'm not sure how one here would measure up to one found in Japan, but hey both serve their purpose of providing a place to have a "fun time"

I was shocked upon further research that there are quite a few places for a cheap ’n’ discreet time in the city as well as the other burros. You can read more on that in this TIME OUT NEW YORK article titled, The best no-tell motels in New York City

All in all I guess the idea of Love Hotels are all over the place nit just Japan. You won't know about them as well in some areas but where there is a need for them, they exist.


La Tenoli said...

A few friends (2 guys, 3 girls) spent the night at a love hotel in Shibuya to check out what it was like.
I know that for the entire night, it turned out A LOT cheaper than what the Liberty Inn asks for (I think each person paid around $15 - if not less. Mirrors & hottub included)
More of a co-ed 外人 sleepover, than a couple's urban retreat. They said they had a lot of fun with the Karaoke machine, and the girls told me there was even a closet full of costumes that you could rent for the night!

Now I'm kind of upset I didn't go to one myself, lol.

Anonymous said...

If I would recommend one, I'd rather stay at one shaped like a fairy-tale castle in Meguro than many of the ones in Shibuya. I even think that one had a small sauna as well (in addition to the above mentioned items). Somewhat more expensive though

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