[CONTEST ALERT] NOW IS THE TIME to start using Edufire for your Japanese Learning!

Are you tired of the self study gig? Is it just not working for you, or is it just a bit frustrating? I know sometimes I miss my classroom setting but hate being stuck in a single room for an hour. Well If you like learning Japanese with other people and with an awesome teacher, but don't want to be stuck in a crampy classroom or you just don't want to leave home, then I have the PERFECT solution. It's called Edufire, and NOW IS THE TIME, to take advantage of the super awesome learning resource/website as I am giving away one superpass monthly membership


In short,Edufire is a website where users from all over the world can log on and take part in live learning of any subject they so desire! You have full control of what you want to learn, at what times, and which teacher you would like to teach you. Best part is that you don't even have to worry about leaving home, as all you need to do is log in and find your class! It's absolutely free to sign up so go on and visit the site and see what classes they have to offer!


A SuperPass subscription will allow you to gain access to unlimited live online teachers, at anytime you feel is convenient for you!

* SuperPass is $29 a month (or less than $1 a day)

* $1 one week trial

* With a membership, you get access to unlimited live online teachers.

* In class, you can interact with your teachers / classmates. There are PowerPoint
presentations, whiteboarding, note-sharing, polling, and more.

* Hundreds of SuperPass classes, thousands of teachers, tens of thousands of
students / peers.

* SuperPass is like an "all you can eat buffet for your brain"

* SuperPass is convenient, higher quality (because students rate and review all
the teachers, so you can choose the best teachers available in the world), and

* For the shy folk: You don't necessarily need to have a webcam / microphone, a
lot of people just join classes to watch.

You don't even have to use this for learning Japanese! If you have a passion in any subject or field, NOW is the chance for you to win a months superpass and begin your learning journey in an amazing community with all the help you could ever want! RIGHT NOW there is a great promotion to promote it’s superpass monthly membership and as reported before, I was given the chance to give 1 and only 1 superpass monthly membership!

To win a month subscription to SuperPass on eduFire all you have to do is....

#1. Comment back on THIS POST
With your FAVORITE JAPANESE WORD and then use it in a creative and funny sentence

*now this sentence does not have to be in japanese and you can write it in either English or Japanese (kanji or no kanji, and even in romanji is fine!)*

* If you do write it in Japanese please also include the translation!*

#2.For a greater chance to win Please feel free to tweet out to your followers with a tweet that includes, a Link back to THIS POST, and your favorite Japanese word
You don't have to twitter as I will pick the most creative sentence out of all entries and then post the winner here on my site, but it does help with your chances if you tweet as well ;-)

****************All entries will close at midnight Wednesday September 23, 2009. (Eastern Standard Time)*********************

I hope you all have fun with this and hope to make may first contest a success!


Brett said...

Oh hai! it was a nice surprise to see my face come up in the feeds today!

Michael said...

Favourite Japanese word eh? One of my favourites is なんか just because it's so easy to slip into speech when you really shouldn't ^^;.

But anyway, I'm not officially entering as I'm hosting a competition myself. So come on people - free stuff up for grabs just by writing a Japanese word!

Chelsea C said...

My favorite Japanese word has always been yuubinkyoku. I don't know why, it's just fun to say! Umm.. hmm.. but how to use it in a sentence..?

Chelsea C said...

I don't know why it didn't post the whole thing... was my post too long? ... Sorry, here we go again?

My favorite Japanese word has always been yuubinkyoku. I don't know why, it's just fun to say! Umm.. hmm.. but how to use it in a sentence..?

Natsu ni, watashi ha yuubinkyoku ga arukimasu to Godzilla wo aisatsu desu.

Sorry if that was wrong.. I'm kind of new to Japanese. But it SHOULD say (hahaa), "In the summer, I walk to the post office and greet Godzilla."


Joelle G said...

Right now, my favorite word is yappari - after all; I knew it

Yappari, hon wa neko no shita ni imasu!
I knew it! the book is under my cat!

* my apologies for any particle misuse. Still making my way through particles.

M-Kat said...

Thanks guys for the comments, and favorite words! Don't worry about the sentences too much. Creating them is a way to help you use the words you like!.

I like what I see so far, so please keep it up!

ruka said...

my favourite word now is "ano sa" before a sentence, or also the name a friend you're speacking with with "sa" after it. for example: "Toshio sa,...".
(dakara, boku no sentensu ha)
so, my sentense is:
(ano sa, nihon ni ikitai!)
you know, I want to go to Japan!

Sarah said...

この言葉を話すのことは楽しいです!あたたたたたたたかい ;D


that probably had some weird mistakes in it, but I was trying to say:
My favorite word is ATATAKAI (warm).
Saying that word is fun! Atatatatatatakai

my sentence is "I want a warm winter..." because I live in New Hampshire and the weather gets really gross for like 5 months out of the year. :P

Anonymous said...

My favorite word in Japanese is "to mo ni 共に",and I think it means together.

This is the word that I learn from the song 永遠にともに. I feel this is the most meaningful word in my life because it applies to many situation and different kinds of love.

My sentence would be 共に日本語を学ぶ.
I want to learn japanese with you guys. ^^

Philip Seyfi said...

One of my favorite Japanese words is ときどき(時々)

(tokidoki toku ni doku ni ikimasu. ^^)

It's probably wrong, but it should mean "When we retire we sometimes go to Germany." :)

M-Kat said...


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