More Resources for the Japanese Student (Listening Links)

In my first post on Japanese Resources, I listed various links by category for beginners and then moving to the more advanced. If you missed all the study links then PLEASE by all means have a look at the post HEREI'm sure there is something there that would help you out! In this post I will continue but THIS TIME my focus is only on the Japanese listener and link to useful listing tools.

I had a list of links for listening. Most of them were actually podcasts. They were also, mostly lessons for speaking Japanese. This time I have found other podcasts, but they don't focus on teaching. These are more audio books than actual guides to lean Japanese. I find that listening to audio books and children stories is a great help with my listening skills. Yes I may not know what they are talking about but that's the joy in ti. I love listening to them over and over and picking up new vocab and grammer. Lately Ive been listening to children's stories over and over. Most of the stories are ones I know such as, Little Red Riding Hood, and Beauty and the Beast, but it's one thing to listen to them in English and then in Japanese. Ok enough of the heavy text, I'll just get to the links for you guys... These are the links to the websites but they are all found on youtube as well for podasts.

Japanese Classical Literature at Bedtime-
This was the first collection of stories I found. They range from children stories to Adult literature. Unlike the reg. children stories were the speaker changes their voice, the speaker for this site doesn't but she is very nice and clam when reading each story. Also a feature is that you can find e-texts or transcripts of each reading on the site if you just click the ‘Continue reading’ link below mp3 files. use the site of again find her on itunes for podcasts! OH OH OH and this site does have audio for the great novle The Tale of Genji You can find them here if you are so inclined to listen to them. The Tale of Genji audiobooks

If you are not ready for Classical Literature or reg. books in Japanese, then why not try listening to some good ol children stories! ふぁんた時間 has both website and podcast on itunes and contains a TON of stories targeted at children. The site is in Japanese and does contain the transcripts of each reading as well. If you can't download the stories from the site then I highly recommend going to itunes and getting them that way (oh and IT'S FREE)

This is another all japanese story site I found while searching itunes. I would highle suggest using this only on itunes as some of the links on the homepage only work for windows( so rry mac people) I like this one because it has RADIO DRAMAS! One I'm listening to now can be seen in the screen shot called, DECORDERS. Again head on over to itunes and check it out!

This list is FAR FROM OVER, but this is just a few to start you out on. I will make more lists as Igo :-) I hope this has helped some of you with listening! Try to listen to them at bedtime ir even leave them on while you sleep. That's what I do ;-)
That’s all for now .. back to work for me! じゃまた!^^


Mariko said...

"The Tale of Genji" is an one of the most beautiful stories in Japan, but we Japanese know this story is weird...because Hikaru-Genji had abducted a child and got married!
Anyway, is "The Tale of Genji" good for learning Japanese? I used to read it when I was a high school student, but it was a little bit difficult for me to read because it was wrote in old Japanese :(

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