IT'S HERE, NEW CRYSTAL KAY SINGLE! (After Love -First Boyfriend- feat.KANAME(CHEMISTRY)/Girlfriend feat.BoA [Promo CD])

Those who know me well, know I absolutely love.. LOVE the singer Crystal Kay. I made a post about her talent, and AMAZING voice in this entry. NOW she has released her new single and I was able to get my hands on it and of course, I'm loving every bit of this CD.

As written in my previous post on Miss CK, she is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her debut this year, and her new (single) CD titled (After Love -First Boyfriend- feat.KANAME(CHEMISTRY)/Girlfriend feat.BoA, is a part of the celebration. Let me tell you this CD is nothing short of amazing to my ears. Crystal Kay, has worked hard and by listening to the songs found on this new single, looks like the hard work paid off.

Check out what's on this new CD for yourself..

CRYSTAL KAY-After Love First Boyfriend

Crystal Kay-Girlfriend feat BoA


Artist: Crystal Kay

ALBUM: After Love -First Boyfriend- feat.KANAME(CHEMISTRY)/Girlfriend feat.BoA
[Promo CD]

Genre: R&B
Date: 2009-8-12

Crystal Kay、10周年という記念すべき年にリリースするダブルA面シングル!! 「Girlfriend feat.BoA」は、EXILEや倖田來未などの楽曲を手がける今をときめく音楽プロデューサーSTYが詞曲を書き下ろし。「男なんてイラナイ! キミ(Girlfriend)さえいればイイ!」という現代女子のぶっちゃけた気持ちが詰まった楽しい内容。映画『そんな彼なら捨てちゃえば?』イメージソングに決定! もう1曲は、10周年を機にさらに進化するCKの魅力が詰まった楽曲を収録。さらに、今回パッケージ初収録となる「出会えた奇跡」(2008年「ITOEN TULLY'S BARISTA'S SPECIAL」CMソング)も収録。

01.After Love-First Boyfriend- feat. KANAME(CHEMISTRY)
02.Girlfriend feat. BoA


MKL said...

I was never a Christal Kay fan... I like Ayu and Namie.. This song is nice, reminds me of some old Namie songs.

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