Vote Anthony Bianchi for Mayor of Inuyama city....

I read this article a long time ago about this man from brooklyn, that now lives in Japan that is now part of Japan's local government. I just thought it was amazing for a non Japanese person to be elected to public office in Japan.

The story goes that Anthony Bianchi, a man born in America (brooklyn) later became a naturalized Japanese citizen and city assemblyman in Aichi Prefecture's Inuyama City, and was aiming to become a mayor.If elected, Bianchi would be the first person born in the West to become a Japanese municipality head, according to the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry. Anthony Bianchi became a naturalized Japanese citizen in 2002 and won a seat in the Inuyama assembly in April 2003 with the largest number of ballots ever cast in the city assembly election of 3,302.

His story is a great one for those who want to see how far something they love can take them, and than you really can do anything if you just have the passion and motivation.

You can read more about him at this site. (日本語)



Seth said...

Great article! That's pretty admirable that he could attain such a position in Japan, where it's often difficult, I think, to really transcend the 外人 stage. Thanks for reading my blog, as well!

M-Kat said...

Hey Seth no problem. I really like your blog and content on studying Japanese. I also found AJATT and love that site. I had already studied Japanese earlier but stopped after college and forgot a lot so that site was an inspiration. I look forward to reading more posts on your progress and tips!

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