NYC Japan find

Since I'm living in NYC why not write about the Japanese places I find here. There are quite a few stores and restaurants that serve authentic Japanese items.

Quite often I find myself in need of something to fix the Japanese food cravings. I really do miss all the snacks I had in Japan. and of course...... MELON PAN!!!!!
I was dying to find a place that wasn't too expensive that carried actual products from Japan.

One store I found recently since moving here is a specialty store called Jas Mart.
For those of you in the NYC AREA or plan on visiting NYC for whatever reason
here is the address for safekeeping..

Jas Mart
35 St. Marks Place
(between 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 420-6370

It's a cute little mini-mart grocery spot where they sell a variety of different Japanese products.


Left hand side: counter with rolls and baskets of different types of sweet and salty breads
Right hand side: rows of candy, cookies, dried fish, and other snacks
Back (refrigerated section): onigiri, dons, sushi, drinks

I love the selection of Japanese groceries, snacks and beauty products here. I can always find something that I want to buy in this place, even MELON PAN!!! (an obsession of mine)!

All in all, a good place to get snacks and small foods to-go.
Here are some of the things I bought.. (I will take better pictures later)


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