Learning Japanese: All Japanese All the Time

This Blog was an attempt for me to share with others my experiance into self study learning. I have taken formal Japanese classes for 3 years, and have even studied in Japan... but now that I have graduated from College, I find myself having no time to find a place to take lessons. Even more so now because I just started this medis Job in NYC and my hours tend to be a bit crazy.

This however hasn't stopped me from doing as much research as I can about self studying. I've found a few resources that I will try and hope find useful. I would like to share one of the biggest finds with you now. A lot of you may already know about this person and his site, but I didn't kow until maybe 3 months ago.

The person
s name is Khatzumoto and his site is called ALL JAPANESE ALL THE TIME. It pretty much speaks for itself. This site is a start, and one option on how ou can learn Japanese. Khatzumoto notes that it took him only 18 months to learn apanese and how he did it.... by having fun of course! His method of learning is really a full emersion of the Japanese Language as well as culture. In his about me page Khatzumoto states..

I didn’t take classes (except for a high-level “newspaper reading” class…which merely confirmed that classes, um, suck); I didn’t read textbooks and I had never lived in Japan.

Then how did he do it?

by spending 18-24 hours a day doing something, anything in Japanese (”all Japanese, all the time”).

Here is a video of the man himself about his site

Now I know I can't do everything 100% Japanese, but because I've had a head start with the language I can skip a few steps.. one being learning hiragana and katakana.. I pretty much have mastered those , but Kanji.. I'm weak and have gotten wose since graduating. So in order to improve I have adopted the use of computer flash cards, and the program Anki. I plan on using it more than I do now, and using it in conjunction with the remembering the Kanji website. (I have yet to buy the book)
But it's a start. I can understand his method of learning very well though because it is the way out minds work. I find myself picking up phrases I hear over and over in different drama and anime over time and most of the time I watch without subs (although I did watch a ton of drama and anime with subs before) It is hard trying to adjust but I think for myself it will be well worth it.. but as the saying goes, To each their Own. Please visit his site here and take a look. There are also a handful of useful books on his sidebar that go along with your self study journey. I will have a post on some of those books at a later date.

So I will keep you posted or rather keep myself bust with it so I have something to post^^ Just something for you guys keep in mind when trying to learn Japanese


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