JMoive : Goemon

So I was searching youtube for movie trailers and came upon one for a movie called
Goemon. Goemon is the new film from Kazuaki Kiriya, director of the 2004 Japanese film Casshern. Right into the trailer for Goemon, one immediately thinks of the movie Casshern with all the CGI used.

Now my question to you is this : Is this too much CGI and not enough live action? Some say yes while others are content. For myself, I plan on seeing this movie as it seems interesting. I do think too much CGI can ruin a film but bad acting can do the same. I really hated the live action Speed Racer film.. I thought there was too much CGI.
I am hoping that the action in Goemon can balance out all the effects in the movie.. but really.. ninja? I'm pretty excited.

Here is the trailer

and in case you don't know here is one for Casshern


darg said...

I think CG totally works for this kind of movie, so I'm not worried about that at all.

More than that, I am so going to go see this in the theater, thanks for pointing it out!

M-Kat said...

It does seem pretty epic. I wish I was in Japan on opening day to see this!

Jamaipanese said...

omg Goemen looks awesome!

Trying to find a subtitled version of Casshern now.

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