Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Special Screening For 800 People

I seem to be on a Final fantasy kick these days, but what can I say I
LOVE the series. I just finished watching Advent Children.
I never bought the US version. My boss at MTV had gone to Japan to cover a story and brought me back a free copy of the original DVD before t even came out. (I wish I was still working there >_<)

Here is some news I found that will either be the most fantastic news you've heard or seem meninges or just somewhere in between :

Want to see feature film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete before it goes on sale on April 16 in Japan?

Japanese game maker Square Enix is offering the chance to silver members of its online site Square Enix Members who have reserved the Blu-ray movie or the movie's special PS3 bundle at the Square Enix e-store. There are 800 spots open, and the screenings will be on April 11 and 12 with four screenings on both days. The "PREMIERE SCREENING" will be held at the Ginza Sony Building in Tokyo.

Those interested can register starting today. Registration closes on March 22. Life goes on.

News and image from Kotaku.

I'm wondering how well this will be. I'm not too excited.. for one I'm not living in Japan at the moment and TWO I liked the movie but I didn't think it was the best. I feel they could have made a better movie with this one. I'll see the extended one they are releasing but I'm not going to put a ton of my energy into being excited for this. If anything I would get the PS3 bundle just so I could play FFXIII

What are your thoughts on this?


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