Tis the season.. (Music Edition)

So it's been some time since I've updated 日本ーSuki. Believe me, I have wanted to get back into the blogging groove, but the past few months have been nothing but work work and more work. Although now that we are in the holiday season, I promised myself that I would come back to the site and start posting. I have quite a bit, but why not start with the music. So I'll be bringing you posts on some great holiday music coming out of Japan. Therhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gife are quite a few artists that are creating Winter, themed singles, and albums. I'll call it "Tis the season Music Edition!"

FIRST UP an interesting listen to our beloved Disney songs, taken and remixed giving them a new R&B flavor. The album is called Mellow Disney ~R&B Revisited~

Overall, Mellow Disney ~R&B Revisited~ takes your favorite Disney songs and give them an R&B makeover, all sung by your favorite Japanese R&B artists including May J. , MIHIRO , Hirai Ken, DAICHI MIURA, and others.

There are 12 tracks on the CD and out of the 12 my favorites were, (in no real order)

Part of Your World [The Little Mermaid] - May J.
Can You Feel the Love Tonight [The Lion King] -MIHIRO ~マイロ~
When You Wish Upon a Star [Pinocchio]- Hirai Ken
When She Loved Me [Toy Story 2] - 三浦大知
(this song is my favorite on the entire CD. Smooth music and vocals by DAICHI MIURA)

With Colors of the Wind [Pocahontas] - Sweep , I was waiting for T-pain to jump in and start singing with the Autotune going on.. anyway The beat is something that has been done before , but it was still enjoyable. Vocals by R&B crooner Sweep were pretty good.
I've always liked his voice, but sometimes his style doesn't work with the song created, However, he pulled this song off.

You can go ahead and skip Someday [The Bells of Notre Dame] sung by 有坂美香. The tune is great, and calm.. but it's a waste with the vocals, as they really are hurtful to the ears. She starts off alright, but in the middle of the song, it sounds as if the artist is dying.. It really makes the song painful, but hey I never said all the songs on the CD were winners....

Here are some sample track from the album :

If you are a Disney fan I would highly suggest buying this album. Most of the remixes, are nicely put together, and not so overdone that it looses it's magical Disney quality we know oh so well. I found myself remember the movie as the songs played through and found myself grooving in my seat.

Artist: ディズニー

ALBUM: Mellow Disney ~R&B Revisited~

Genre: R&B

Date: 2009-12-9

ディズニーカヴァーALBUMのヒットシリーズにR&Bカヴァーが登場!! R&Bの「歌唱力」、そして「聴かせる」という魅力とディズニーが誇る色褪せる事のない誰もが知るメロディーが融合したメロウALBUM!! JCBドリームプロジェクトCMにも使用された青山テルマ「いつか王子様が」、東方神起「ホール?ニュー?ワールド」の有名DJによるRemix、その他R&B シーンで活躍するアーティストが参加!! クリスマスも近いこの時期にピッタリ!!


1 A Whole New World (DJ KAORI REMIX) [Aladdin] 東方神起
2 Part of Your World [The Little Mermaid] May J.
3 When You Wish Upon a Star [Pinocchio] 平井堅
4 Reflection [Mulan] 古内東子
5 When She Loved Me [Toy Story 2] 三浦大知
6 Go the Distance [Hercules] YOUNGSHIM
7 A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes [Cinderella] CHIHIRO
8 Colors of the Wind [Pocahontas] Sweep
9 Beauty and the Beast [Beauty and the Beast] COMA-CHI
10 Can You Feel the Love Tonight [The Lion King] MIHIRO ~マイロ~
11 Someday [The Bells of Notre Dame] 有坂美香
12 Some Day My Prince Will Come [Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs] 青山テルマ


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