Drunken Tiger makes a COMEBACK! -welcome back Tiger JK!

Getting stright to the point here, Korean show SBS Inkigayo aired a comeback by my favorite Korean Rapper and legend Tiger JK! Drunken Tiger made a comeback with guest rappers Bizzy and Paloaltoon the music contest show. Please continue reading to watch Drunken Tiger preform his new song "Monster"

Okay critique time...

On the first watch...Imma need for him to have a better intro THIS is sounding a little like DMX. where did he go? Jail? I think I need glasses,the camera isn't focusing right,.... DID THEY JUST CENSOR OUT A PART FROM 0:58 TO 1:00?!?! LOVE IT IF THEY DID!? All is good and well, but his backup hype boys are whack..what are they doing.. no really WHAT ARE THEY DOING?! It took me up ... to 2:31 to notice that he has aluminum bling around his neck.......*SIGHS* okay this song and video is whack. As I read over what I just wrote I'm pretty much hating all over the place, however Drunken Tiger is keeping his mysteriousness alive with him wearing that hat so low that I cant see his face. Therefore, the video, well, Tiger JK has received a B+ with a strong sarang heyo.

nothing beats my all time favorite Drunken Tiger song "Convince Store" feat. Baby T/Tasha.. When I saw this video I was in LOVE WITH Tiger JK.. I mean there was something about him looking so rough and dirty in his unkempt shirt.. and crazy hair... yeah I will always love this song and him in it! ;-)


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