For your Listening Pleasure: Introducing Hiromi (宏実)

Like I said before I'm on an R&B kick and here is another artist you MUST listen to. I am loving her voice and her new album is pretty good. Let me introduce to you Hiromi (宏実)

Hiromi (宏実) is an R&B singer and songwriter located in Tokyo, Japan.
Hiromi's not particularly well known, but she is VERY talented. She's released one mini-album and done a number of collaborations (including the Japanese version of Timbaland's The Way I Are) and has also contributed as a backup vocalist to songs for a number of other artists.Sometimes her voice will get a bit "whiny" when she reaches high notes, but after hearing her over and over I tend to brush it off. R&B suits her voice quite well, and she seems to be quite talented in terms of vocal ability and musical composition etc (she composes and writes or collaborates with other artists on the majority of her material).

Her newest Album is called RAINBOW, and it's been playing over and over on my ipod for weeks now! Tray a few sample songs here and if you want to buy the CD.. Please go right ahead, you will be pleased with every song on the the album RAINBOW

I would LOVE LOVE to hear her do something with my all time favorite singer, Crystal Kay!
アーティスト (Artist): 宏実
ジャンル(Genre): R&B
タイトル (Title): 「RAINBOW」
オリジナル盤発売日(Release Date): 2009/6/24
収録時間 (Runtime): 71分 (minutes)
レーベル(Label): Indies Maker
言語(Language): 日本語 (Japanese)

全米初登場3位に輝いた英語「STEP UP 2」の日本語版イメージソング「VANILLA」、Full Of Harmonyをフィーチャーした「WHY」、彼女の代表曲「RAINBOW」など収録.「YES」はフジテレビ"なべあちっ! "エンディングテーマ、テレビ東京"音風?"エンディングテーマに決定! 今作も豪華キャストを迎え、まさに日本音楽シーンを揺るがす品に仕上がった。正真正銘の最高傑作。

01.Intro - True Colors -   
02. Yes テレビPV試聴  
03. Colorful World   
04. My Everything   
05. Rainbow   
06. Dr. Angel   
07. I'm With You ft. L-VOKAL   
08. Your Song    
09. 愛されたい   
10. Vanilla    
11. Why ft. Full Of Harmony   
12. 碇星   
13. Makin' Love 
14. Recover   
15. Secret   
16. 秘密

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