WOW Check out these Final Fantasy XIII Trailers

Was snooping around on the net and found these new trailers for the Final Fantasy XIII games.. I've gotten pretty excited once more although the US will still have quite the wait I'm guessing. I may want to just get the Japanese game and lay it ha!

This game is Playstation 3 exclusive and I think it will be released in late 2010.
The video is from the special"Final Fantasy VII 7 Advent Children Complete
Bluray disk that came out in Japan..

This is anoter clip from the conversation in the first movie.. for some reason in the one above the words are reversed, so here you go!


S:Lord Noctis... You can see the light...
S: Was that what you were looking at from downstairs?
N:... Pretty much. When did you start seeing it?
S:When I was a child.
N:A near death experience I presume?
S:Yes... you too?
N:It was pretty horrible...
S:The Goddess Etro shall open the gate welcoming the the souls of the dead.
S:When that occurs, a bright light shall shine down through the skies from the land of the dead.
S:That is the legend.
S:It's a Tenebrae legend.
N:We've got the same legend here.
S: Did the light give you power?
N:No. I don't need anything like that. I'm fine how I am.
S:I know, right?
S:No matter what kind of power it is, if it's at the cost of somebody's life...
S:It would give me nightmares.
N:Same. It's a ridiculous bedtime story... You shouldn't talk to other people about the light.
S:How come?
N:Being different from others can cause a lot of trouble...
N: Don't you think?
S:But if it's just a bedtime story, what do you think the light really is?
N:It's just something that's there.
N:Isn't that good enough?
N:Stella... I should be going.
S:Thank you for your time, Prince Noctis.
N:Just Noct is fine.
S:... I have to go too.
S:I feel like I've received something from the light tonight.
S:... I got a chance to speak with you.
N:Well now you'll have nightmares.
S:You're mean one aren't you, Prince Noctis.
S:I'll call you that the next time we meet.
S:You should come to Tenebrae some time. I'll show you around.
N:That sounds interesting. I'll think about it.
?:Who are you?
N: ... I was about to ask the same thing. (OR That's my line

In that blue ray dvd for FFVII AC, there is a demo of Final Fantasy XIII.. I found a video on youtube of someone going through it. Take a look.

This game comes out Winter 2009 in Japan.. I want to get it.. AND it's for Xbox 360.
Are you interested in this game? Will you go get it.. for xbox or ps3? I'm not sure which system to buy yet as I don't have either :(


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