Saw a post with a video on facebook this morning and liked what I heard so I went digging.

Meet the newest act to crossover to Japan!! Hitting the J-R&B charts, JAY'ED was born in New Zealand to a Japanese father and a Kiwi mother. He released his first album in May of 2006 titled The Gift ~Just let me know~.
He's signed up to the same label as massively popular bands such as Mr.Children and BUMP OF CHICKEN.

Check out his official site here

For the most part I like his singing voice, but in this song he did seem a little weak in the beginning, but he does pick it up.I had no idea he had been indi for so long, but he really is someone I will be watching !! What do you all think? Seems he is another artist I like who is half Japanese, another artist I'm really into is Half Japanese, half Korean singer, Yuna Ito, but I'll post about her another time. :-)


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